The Holiday Season—a GREAT Time to Buy a New Home

Real Estate

Many house hunters have it ingrained in their minds that spring and summer are the ideal times to look for a new place to live. There’s certainly some truth to this: These are the seasons when the housing inventory tends to be at its highest, which means there are a lot of options to choose from.

But that doesn’t mean you should put your house search on ice just because the holidays are here. Actually, this can be an excellent time to double down on finding your dream home. Let me explain why.

The competition tapers off.

Since the holidays aren’t really known as a good season for house-hunting, that means you’ll face a lot less competition. While other buyers take time off for shopping and parties, you can tour homes and maybe even make an offer on one, without nearly as much risk of competing offers.

Sellers are eager.

Along similar lines: Most sellers would rather not have their house on the market during the Christmas holidays. It’s stressful, but they’re doing it anyway—which means they’re really motivated to sell. You might even call them desperate. This works in the buyer’s favor once negotiations begin! Simply put: Sellers have the leeway to play hardball when it’s spring or summer, but over the holidays, they tend to be a lot more flexible.

The weather works in your favor.

Bear with me on this one. It’s certainly true that house hunting can be less enjoyable when it’s cold outside. At the same time, though, this unfavorable weather can provide you with a more realistic picture of the house and its potential problems. You’ll get to see what the property looks like when it’s not at its green peak or its summer best; you’ll also have a better way of ensuring that the heating system does its job, among other things.

You’ll get more attention from your agent.

Since your agent probably has fewer clients actively hunting for houses, he or she should have even more time to give you personal attention, and to take you out to tour as many homes as you care to see. Likewise, you might expect more personal care from mortgage lenders and other processionals.

You might even secure lower interest rates.

You can’t bank on this—pardon the pun—but historically, the holiday season has seen interest rates taper off a bit. The reason for this is simple: Lenders have fewer clients coming their way, so they need to lower their rates to be more competitive. As such, buying during the holidays can sometimes secure you significant savings on your mortgage loan. (As always, you’ll want to shop around and compare rates with a few different lenders.)

Now’s the Time to Start House Hunting

Don’t believe anyone who tells you this is a bad time of year to look for a new home. As you can see, there are actually several good reasons to start looking for houses now. And if you’re looking in Cornelius, Huntersville, or the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area, I’d love to help you. Contact the Ryan Minges team and ask about starting a home buying journey before the holidays end!