Important Steps Home Sellers Often Forget


When it comes to selling your home, the to-do list can often be rather long. You have to find a real estate agent to list the place. You have to give the home a good, thorough cleaning. You may need to make a few urgent repairs. And the list goes on from there—to the point where even very important steps can sometimes fall through the cracks.

In this post, we’re just going to offer some gentle reminders—things every home seller should do, but things you may have forgotten about in the midst of everything else on your list.

Don’t Forget These Key Home Selling Steps

Google Your Address

Buyers will almost surely use Google to research your home before they make an offer—so you need to know what Google is selling. Consider that incorrect tax records may show up and undercut your asking price. Also, Google’s Street View may not show updates you’ve made to the home, so you’ll want to make sure to emphasize them in your listing.

Check Your Agent’s Referrals

Something else to consider: Not all agents are created equal, and before you commit to one, it’s always smart to ask for recommendations from past clients. At Minges Cline, we’re always happy to furnish you with references.

Think About Curb Appeal

Something else we recommend doing: Go stand in your front yard, look at the home, and honestly appraise it. Try to get into the head of a potential buyer. See it through their eyes, and list any improvements you could make. Remember that curb appeal is a huge part of the sales process. We’d even recommend checking the doorbell to make sure it rings properly. Any little problem with the house can cause it to be tarnished in the eyes of potential buyers.

Clarify the Items You’re Not Including

Plan to take the refrigerator and washing machine with you? That’s totally not a problem—but you’ll want to make sure your agent knows that, and includes it in the listing itself.

Be Honest About Needed Repairs

Are there major, systematic issues that you know about in your home? If so, you will need to either make the repairs yourself, or account for them in your pricing. It’s always better to be honest about these things from the beginning.

Ask Your Agent About Digital Media

Will your home be shown on Facebook? Which online listing services will be employed? Get on the same page with your agent about exactly how he or she plans to promote your property.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Step of All

Above all else, we’d recommend finding an agent who knows the market inside and out—and if someone with North Carolina roots is what you’re after, Minges Cline can help. We are always happy to speak with folks in Charlotte and beyond who are ready to sell—and if you enlist our services, we’ll make sure nothing falls through the cracks of your to-do list!