House Hunting? Don’t Overlook the Exterior

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When you’re browsing new homes, it’s easy to get swept up in the interior space. How will you decorate? Which of your children will get this bedroom, and which will get the other? How will you make use of that nice basement space? Will your furniture look good in the living room? Should the kitchen get a fresh coat of paint?

It’s great to be excited about the inside space, but it’s also important for homebuyers to carefully analyze the outside of the home. Here, you’ll want to pay attention to certain warning signs or red flags. And you’ll want to make note of things like the home’s proximity to main roads, your view of the neighbor’s house, etc. All of these things can potentially impact your quality of life.

It’s especially easy to overlook the exterior of the home when you’re house hunting virtually, as so many are doing in the COVID-19 era. If you’re touring homes remotely, be sure you ask your agent to head outside and show you the key exterior features of the home and lawn.

In this post, I’ll outline a few specific things to look for.

The Home’s Exterior: A Checklist for Homebuyers

●       All four corners of the house. Make sure you (or your agent) actually venture to each of the four corners of the home. See how the house looks from each angle. Look for things like fences and shared borders with the neighbors.

●       Outdoor components. Does the home have a gate? How about a sprinkler system? Be sure you test outdoor components to make sure nothing is malfunctional, rusted over, or creaky.

●       Outside storage buildings. A shed or mini-barn can be really useful. Just make sure any outbuildings on the property are in good working order; having to remove an old, rotted shed or barn can be a hassle. I’d also recommend scrutinizing every corner of the outbuilding to make sure there aren’t any critters living there.

●       The landscaping. It may be appealing to purchase a home with elaborate landscaping or with a lot of trees. Just keep in mind that it will take work to maintain that landscaping.

●       Sidewalks and driveways. Most sidewalks and driveways are going to have a few little cracks here and there, but you may think twice about buying a sidewalk that’s literally falling apart.

●       Decks and patios. Do you see obvious signs of wear and tear? Are all stairs and railings sturdy? Give them a good shake (or ask your agent to do so) to see how resilient they are.

●       Playground equipment. Your kids may be excited by the prospect of a home with a slide or swing set, but it doesn’t hurt to double check to make sure they are still in decent shape. Again, signs of wear and tear, from the sun and other elements, should be easy to spot.

●       The noise level. Finally, be sure you take note of how it sounds in both the front and back yard. Can you hear the neighbors? Can you hear traffic sounds? Will that bother you?

These are just a few of the things you might want to observe as you’re exploring new properties… and remember, you can make note of these exterior items whether you’re touring homes in person or doing so remotely.

I’d love to help any way I can. To start exploring some homes in the Charlotte, NC area, reach out to Ryan Minges Real Estate today.