Getting the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

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First things first: Every buyer should have a home inspection done before they sign on the dotted line. It’s a relatively small expense that can save you a lot of money—and a lot of headaches—down the road; at the very least, it gives you some fundamental knowledge about the condition of the home you’re buying.

This is true even for those who are purchasing new construction homes. Yes, even a brand-new property can have some issues—and it’s in your best interest to find out about them!

As you pursue a home inspection, make sure you’re doing it right—really getting the most bang for your buck. Here’s what I recommend.

Don’t Cheap Out

If you’re going to pay for a home inspection, you might as well pay for someone who will do a good, thorough job. There are some cheap home inspectors out there, but there’s usually a reason why they’re cheap—and that reason is inexperience.

Get someone who really knows what they’re doing. I’m always happy to recommend really thorough and qualified home inspectors to my clients.

Show Up

If at all possible, you should be present for the inspection. See for yourself what’s going on—it’s much more illuminating than just reading a report. And ask any questions you may have about the inspection process or its findings.

Absolutely can’t be there for the inspection? At the very least, coordinate with your real estate agent to make sure he or she is there, taking good notes and asking questions on your behalf.

As for the inspection itself, don’t be afraid to follow your inspector throughout the house and to ask those questions. Just remember not to get in your inspector’s way! Inspectors are happy to answer questions, just so long as you let them do their work.

Set Your Expectations

Now this one’s important: Your inspector will uncover some issues. That’s the whole point of the inspection! No house is perfect—again, not even new constructions. But don’t freak out. Your inspector can help you assess how serious the issues are, and how best to address them.

Then, you can work with your real estate agent to request some potential fixes or improvements from the seller. A few issues with the home shouldn’t cause panic.

Inspect the Repairs

Hopefully, your seller will be willing to make some of those requested repairs—but don’t take their word for it that the repairs have been made satisfactorily. Get your inspector to come look at the work and sign off on it. Again, think of it as an investment in your new home—and in your own peace of mind!

The home inspection process is crucial for any buyer’s journey. It’s worth getting right. If you have any other questions about how home inspections work or need me to recommend a good home inspector in the Charlotte area, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Ryan Minges Real Estate in Charlotte, North Carolina any time!