Getting Ready for a Spring Real Estate Listing

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Spring is historically known as the absolute best time to sell your house—and there’s a reason for that. With the weather perking up a little, buyers are out in full force, ready to find their next home. That certainly makes it a good time to sell, but it doesn’t mean that selling will be easy, necessarily. And, with a competitive market, it’s more important than ever that sellers go to great lengths to make their properties look enticing.

Are you planning to list your home for a spring sale? If so, the time to do it is now—but first, make sure your home is ready to go on the market.

Preparing Your Home for a Spring Listing

Here are just a few ways for you to do that.

Start Packing Your Stuff

Yes, really. It may seem premature to start packing before you even have a listing, and we’re not recommending that you pack everything—but the things that you’re not going to be using in the coming months can certainly go in a box. This not only makes your life easier down the road, but it also provides you with more space and less clutter in your home—and that’s what buyers want to see.

Inspect Your Home—and Make Improvements

Take a Saturday morning to really scour your home and look for little things that you might fix. Is there a creaky door that just needs some WD-40? A scratched-up place in your baseboard that could use a dash of paint? Loose nails in your back deck? Tackle these little projects to show that your home has truly been cared for.

Consider Home Renovations

You may or may not need to make a big upgrade to your home. We’re not telling you to put in a pool, which doesn’t add value anyway—but if your bathrooms are woefully out of date, or your kitchen lacks functionality, it may be worth it, in the long run, to get a quote from a remodeler and make things look really nice.

Take Care of the Lawn and Garden

Remember how important first impressions are, and how much curb appeal can factor into that. You’re going to have a tougher time selling your home if the front lawn looks disheveled—period. Mow your lawn, mulch, plant flowers, clear away dead shrubs—you don’t have to do anything complicated, just make it look nice.

Interview Listing Agents

Finally, start the process of chatting with real estate agents who know the local market well—and who can really help you sell your house quickly. An agent can also help you identify particular projects you might tackle to improve your home’s value.

Meet with a Listing Agent Today

If you’re ready to sell your North Carolina home, we’d love to be of service. Start the conversation with one of our agents now. Reach out to the Minges Cline real estate team today to learn more about the listing process.