Autumn Home Maintenance: A Checklist for Homeowner


As the seasons change, it’s important to make sure your home, lawn, and garden are properly tended to. Transitions in the weather typically invite some home maintenance tasks, and autumn is no exception.

I can recommend a handful of important home maintenance tasks for the fall weather—all good things to do before winter sets in.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

In no particular order:

1.      Keep your leaves raked. This isn’t just about making your yard look tidy—though that’s important! You really want to avoid having a bed of leaves that gets trapped on your lawn, under snow or frost. Letting leaves pile up can ultimately inhibit spring growth.

2.      Clean gutters and downspouts. As leaves and debris fall from the trees, you want to make sure they’re not getting lodged in your gutters. If your gutters are clogged, rain water will start to pool, and could cause damage to your roof, siding, or landscaping.

3.      Seal gaps. Check around all your doors and windows for any little gaps, holes, or cracks. Animals and pests can get in through these openings, even when they seem tiny. Plus, heat gets out, meaning your energy efficiency will take a hit. These gaps can usually be fixed pretty easily with some caulk.

4.      Fix railings or stairs. The last thing you want is to have rickety outdoor stairs or an unsafe porch area when the snow and ice come. Make fixes sooner rather than later, ensuring safety for yourself and your family.

5.      Shut off outside faucets. Turn them all the way off and put insulated covers over them—preventing any frozen or ruptured pipes in the winter weather. Also make sure you safely store any garden hoses in your garage or shed.

6.      Add weather-stripping. Weather-stripping can be applied at the bottom of drafty doors to keep cool air out and warm air in—another important way to keep your house comfortable and your utility bills down.

7.      Check your smoke and carbon detectors. It’s wise to run checks on these important safety devices a couple of times a year—and fall is as good a time as any! Replace batteries as needed.

8.      Consider HVAC servicing. To make sure your home heating unit runs the way it’s supposed to, all winter long, I’d generally recommend having it serviced in the fall. Call an HVAC specialist who can clean out your ducts and make sure your unit is working as it’s supposed to.

9.      Have a chimney cleaning. If you have a fireplace that you use during winter, an annual chimney inspection and cleaning can be a good way to make sure your home is safe.

10.  Do a kitchen deep clean. Before the busy holiday season, I think it’s smart to devote a Saturday morning to really, thoroughly cleaning out your kitchen—getting it spic and span before you start using it for family gatherings and holiday meals.

Fall presents a lot of opportunities to keep your home functioning the way it should—and if you have any further questions, I hope you’ll reach out. Contact Ryan Minges Real Estate any time, and make sure you ask about seeing some new homes in the Charlotte area!