6 Things to Consider Before Renovating

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Are you ready for a change? Have you decided that now’s the time to pursue that home renovation project you’ve long dreamed of? To ensure a renovation that meets all your goals and expectations, it’s important to think through all aspects of the process. To help you do that, here’s a list of six essential home renovation considerations.

What to Consider Before You Renovate

1) Do you plan to sell any time soon?

If you think you’ll live in your current house for a good long while, then by all means pursue the renovation of your dreams; choose the paint colors, interior decor, and appliances that best suit your aesthetic preferences and your family’s lifestyle. But if you’re renovating with the intention of building home value, and ultimately of putting your property on the market, then you may want to be a little more judicious: Stick to neutral colors and crowd-pleasing design choices, ensure renovations that actually lend value, etc.

2) What’s the scale of your renovation?

Are you just going to be adding a fresh coat of paint, or perhaps installing a new fixture or two? Or do you intend on doing something more major, like adding a new garage? If your project is grand in scale, you may need to get permits before you start doing the work.

3) How much do you have budgeted?

If you’re going to do the project yourself, start researching material costs. If you plan on hiring a remodeling company or a contractor, start getting quotes. Gain a good sense of how much the project might cost, and add 15 or 20 percent to that, just in case. That should give you a good ballpark of what your budget should be.

4) Will you DIY?

There are a few things to think about here. Do you have time to take on this project? Do you have the skills to do it properly? What happens if you run into a problem? And most importantly, are you going to be able to complete the job safely? Remember that plumbing and electrical projects, in particular, can be risky, and may call for the expertise of a real professional.

5) What about design?

If you’re mostly making minor, cosmetic changes, then you can probably make most of the decisions on your own. But if you’re planning something that could change the layout or functionality of your home, then you may wish to consult with an architect or design professional, whose expertise can help you optimize your renovation while adding real value to the home.

6) How will you handle the renovation process?

Is the renovation going to lead to a real mess in your home? Will it mean that certain facilities, like the master bathroom, are off-limits for a few days? If the renovation is going to disrupt your everyday life in a major way, it may be worth considering staying in a hotel or crashing at a friend’s house until the project is complete. Otherwise, just make sure you have a plan for how you can cope; for instance, if your kitchen is being renovated, is there another part of the house where you can stock some quick, easy, low-prep meals?

Learn More About Making Informed Real Estate Decisions

Hopefully, these quick points help you think wisely about your upcoming renovation. If you have any additional questions about staging, selling, or adding value to your house, I’d love to consult with you. Reach out to Ryan Minges Real Estate any time.