6 Home Projects for Just After You Move In

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You’ve finally unpacked your last box. You’ve made it through all the paperwork involved with a real estate closing. The moving truck is long gone. Finally, you’re ready to kick back and enjoy your new home.

Well, not so fast.

A big part of enjoying your new home is truly making it yours… and for that to happen, there are a few little maintenance projects that I highly recommend.

Try to make these priorities for the days after you move into your new home.

Key Projects to Consider

Change the locks. This is really something you should do on Day One, and it’s a simple matter of home safety. Simply put, you have no idea who has a copy to the old house key… the owners, their agent, inspectors/vendors, neighbors, you name it. Getting new locks is a simple but important way to make your new home more secure.
Check for fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Hopefully, your new home has all the right alarms and detectors you need to ensure safety. If not, you’ll want to get some right away. You should also go ahead and replace the batteries in each; after all, there’s no telling when the previous homeowner last changed them.
Childproof the entire house. This isn’t an issue if you don’t have little ones, of course… but if you do, go through the house and make sure there aren’t any obvious hazards. You may need to install a baby gate here or there, and I’d also recommend tending to blind cords, which can provide strangulation risks.
Clean the carpets. Unless you know the carpets were just cleaned (or replaced), you probably want to go ahead and have them deep cleaned before you get too settled. There’s simply no telling what kinds of dirt have built up in those carpets over the years.
Caulk holes and gaps. Take a little time to go around to all the doors and windows and look for obvious gaps where outside air can get in. Use a caulk gun to fill these holes and ensure that you’re not too compromised from an energy efficiency standpoint. (To say nothing of bugs!)
Replace garage door openers. This goes back to the point about changing your locks: You never can be too careful about who has access to your garage, and it may be a wise idea to switch out your garage door openers for some newly programmed universal ones.
These are just a few of the things I’d suggest as you make a home for yourself, and as you seek to enjoy your new residence… safely and securely.

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