5 Ways to Declutter Your Garage

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Is your garage so jam-packed with stuff that you have a hard time walking through it? Has the clutter gotten so extreme that you can’t even fit your car in the garage any longer?

It’s common for even the most meticulously clean, clutter-free families to adopt some packrat tendencies when it comes to the garage. Most of us don’t spend a lot of time in the garage, so it’s easy to let the junk build up without really even noticing it. And, for many of us, the garage is a kind of catch-all storage space. We put things in the garage when we can’t find a good place for it inside the house.

But if you’d like to declutter your garage and turn it into a functional space once again, there is hope. If you’re willing to take a Saturday afternoon and do some good old-fashioned sorting, tossing, and organizing, you can put your hoarder ways behind you.

Specifically, here are five items you may be storing in your garage but are probably better off just throwing out.

Remove These Five Things from Your Garage

1) Old cardboard boxes.

You may have kept all the boxes from when you first moved into the house, reasoning that one day you may need to move again. The reality is that finding cardboard boxes really isn’t too hard, so there’s no reason to keep the old ones. They can hog a lot of space and getting rid of them may cause your garage to feel suddenly spacious. Also note that cardboard boxes tend to attract bugs, mice, and other pests… so why not just junk ‘em?

2) Broken things.

When a household item breaks down, it’s natural to ship it out to the garage. But here’s the thing: You can either have these things fixed or toss them… there’s really no need for a middle ground. So, create a pile of all your broken items and go through them one by one. If it’s worth the investment to fix them, then give yourself a few days to do so. But if not, then maybe it’s time to just throw these items in the trash.

3) Old chemicals

If you’ve got paint cans, fertilizers, or cleaning supplies in your garage, well, they could potentially be eating up a lot of space. But are these items still good? The first thing you should do is check expiration dates, and responsibly dispose of anything that’s past its prime. And if you have paint or other chemicals you know you’ll never use, why not get rid of those, too?

4) Old toys.

If your kids are grown up, then it’s safe to toss the toys. Sure, you may want to hold on to one or two sentimental favorites. But don’t keep every toy you’ve ever owned, hoping that one day your grandkids will use them. The reality is that toys tend to get pretty dirty, and you’ll probably want to treat your grandkids to some nice new stuff anyway. Ditch the yucky toys!

5) Unused holiday decor.

If you have a nice wreath or Christmas tree ornaments in your garage, then fine. But those ratty or moldy old items that you’re embarrassed to display in your home? Those can go. There’s just no reason to hang on to them any longer.

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