5 Home Upgrades for the COVID Era

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By now this is the height of cliché, but it really is true: COVID-19 has changed everything. It’s had a massive impact on real estate trends, triggering a significant upswing in virtual tours and virtual staging while completely scrambling the conventional real estate calendar.

Additionally, COVID-19 has altered the way buyers and sellers think about renovations and upgrades. In particular, there are a few home upgrades that have become highly coveted by buyers, more now than ever before.

As you consider ways to make your listing as enticing as possible, these upgrades may be worth taking seriously. Here’s a quick list of recommendations.

Popular Upgrades for the Age of COVID

1) Appealing outdoor spaces.

Many of us are spending more time than ever at home… and as such, we’re starting to feel a little cramped.

The upshot of this is that spacious and comfortable outdoor living areas are more appealing than ever before. Even swimming pools, which have traditionally been liabilities for home sellers, are becoming more desirable.

Does this mean you need to install a new pool before you list your home? Not at all. But it may be worth it to tidy up your landscaping, stage your outdoor living area, and really show potential buyers what a nice, relaxing space you’re offering.

2) Segmented space.

Over the past few years, open floor plans have really risen in popularity. But COVID might be changing that.

With family members working and learning from home, it’s increasingly important for everyone to feel like they have their own dedicated area.

As such, sellers may want to consider the merits of adding pocket doors, barn doors, or partitions to help segment their wide open spaces. Let house hunters know that they can enjoy a little privacy as needed.

3) Home office and classroom space.

For years, real estate agents have said that home office spaces don’t necessarily add value to a home. But here again, the pandemic has triggered a shift in opinion.

Many employees expect that they’ll be working remotely at least through next summer, and the future of schools is also very much up in the air. If you can show buyers that your home offers them ample space for work and for study, that may be a huge mark in your favor.

This may all come down to staging: Furnish and organize your home in a way that shows off a range of usefulness and possibility.

4) Home gym space.

Along similar lines, being able to show house hunters a nice, functional gym space may make your home uniquely appealing during the time of COVID.

Again, staging is critical. If you have an exercise bike, a home weight set, or even a yoga mat, set out your equipment in a way that demonstrates how your space might be used.

5) Upgraded appliances.

Over the last few months, there’s been a major surge in homeowners upgrading to fancy new appliances. Part of this, no doubt, is because folks are spending more time at home, and simply getting tired of their out-of-date equipment. Additionally, many homeowners spent their government stimulus checks on making these home upgrades.

The bottom line for sellers is that you may be competing with listings that have all-new appliances… so if yours look old and worn-out, that may cost you some sales opportunities. It may be a wise investment to update those appliances before you list.

Learn More About Home Selling During a Pandemic

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