5 Home Staging Tips for Winter

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One of the most important steps in the home selling process is staging. When you stage your house, the goal is to furnish and decorate it in such a way as to maximize the home’s appeal to buyers. Ideally, you want to make your home warm and inviting; to make it look as spacious as can be; to augment its best features and its primary selling points; and to keep everything clean and uncluttered.

When you’re selling your house in winter, the staging process can be a little bit more complicated. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you try to present your property at its very best this winter.

How to Stage Your Home in Winter

Decorate for the holidays, but don’t go overboard. You always want your home to feel warm and cozy, and during the holiday season, that means putting up some festive decor. Aim for that “home for the holidays” feel, playing on buyers’ sentimentality. As you decorate, however, remember to take a less-is-more approach. Your goal should always be for something tasteful and uncluttered; so, a simple tree with elegant lights is one thing. Messy, wild-looking trees in every room of the house is a bridge too far.
Be wary of ice and snow. What happens if people want to come see your house when there’s ice or snow on the ground? That’s not something we have to deal with too often here in Charlotte, but it can happen, and when it does, it’s critical to shovel or blow off a clear, safe path for your buyers. Don’t open yourself up to a liability suit!
Emphasize curb appeal. Staging isn’t just about what goes on inside your home. The outside is just as important. You want to make a strong first impression, and that starts with the front entryway. Again, aim for seasonal decor that’s festive, cozy, and not too busy looking; perhaps a holiday wreath and bow, along with some nice seasonal plants or small Christmas trees planted in pots on your front porch.
Optimize coziness. House hunters who are out touring properties on cold, dreary days will really love it if your house offers them a warm reprieve. Make your house look as snug and as welcoming as can be by placing throw blankets and throw pillows on your sofa, bed, and oversized chairs. Holiday-scented candles, oils, or air filters can also go a long way.
Maximize space. Remember that, no matter the season, you always want to make your home look as big and as roomy as can be. That means eliminating clutter whenever possible. This can be tricky during the holidays but do what you can to maintain some orderliness: Keep presents neatly stacked under the tree, not sprawled out all over the living room. Don’t hang stockings over the mantle, obscuring this important space. And be sparing in the festive knick-knacks you put out.

This Holiday Season, Decorate Wisely

Contrary to popular opinion, the winter season can be an excellent time to list your home… but you’ll need to be extra strategic in your staging and decor.

Questions about staging, or about winter listings? I’d love to chat! Reach out to Ryan Minges Real Estate at your next convenience.